Topic: Python3
Event date: 6th October 2017,Friday
Mentors: Mr. Naman Bajaj(PythonExpress), Mr. Vijay Kumar( PythonExpress), Mr. Karuna Kiran Bhadra(TOGGLE) and Mr. Aman Pandey(TOGGLE)

What better way to spend a day than attending a workshop on technology for tech enthusiasts?
The Oxfordites spent their day mastering the easiest and most efficent progarmming language of the  time, Python. Almost 300 Oxfordites appeared for the hands-on workshop on Python. The Event was hosted by TOGGLE in association with FSMK(Free Software Movement Karnataka) and PythonExpress and they managed the crowd with their professional touch.  

Workshop began at 10 in the morning with the installation of Python on various platforms and then moved on to the basics. Students were impressed by the efficiency and ease provided by Python. 
What we mastered :
  • Use of print() 
  • Initialisation of variables
  • Different operations that can be performed
  • Lists 
  • Dictionaries
  • Functions
  • Objects
  • Classes
  • Mysql connectivity
TOGGLE is thankful for the support provided by the Principal Mr. Praveena Gowda and CSE HOD/Vice Principal Dr. R. J. Anandhi without which pulling off this event would have been nearly impossible.
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